Furniture Legs - Timber


Raw-finished mid-century leg
H 150 x W 260 x D 35



Polished Hardwood timber with 5/16th imperial thread 
H 70 x W 145 X D 145 


Vintage Mahogany

Polished solid hardwood timber 5/16th imperial thread.
H155 X W75 X D75
Also available in Raw


  • Standard


Raw-finished hardwood timber
H 185 x W 110 x D 110,br>
Also available in:  Mahogany


  • Standard


Polished solid hardwood timber 
H115mmX W165mmX D165mm


Winchester TCC

Standard: Polished solid hardwood timber and 32 cm brass castor and cup 5/16" imperial thread H154 x w 60 x D 60
Also available in: Chrome at additional cost


  • Brass

Coleridge TCC

Polished solid hardwood timber and 32 cm castor and cup.
H149 x W 84 x D 84 5/16 thread
Standard : Timber hardwood leg with brass Castor and Cup
Also available in: Chrome castor and cup at additional cost


  • Brass


Polished Hardwood Timber with a 5/16th imperial thread
H 80 x W 120 x D 120 



Beautiful mid-century style chair leg.
Dimensions are H=18cm W=6.5cm



Rubber wood (Hardwood) Leg in Raw Finish
Size: H-18cm x W-6.5cm x D-6.5cm
Minimum order 2.
PLEASE NOTE: Quoted price is per leg