Upholstery Tools & Needles - Magnetic Hammers

Magnetic Claw Hammer OSB1036

Quality Osborne Upholstery hammer with spring stablized head. Hardwood handle with polished bleiches. Forged steel head hardened and polished. Magnetic Head.


Magnetic Decorative Nail Hammer OSB36

Magnetic hammer with large face fitted with nylon tip. This prevents damage to decorative nails. 


Magnetic Hammer OSB 222

Quality Osborne Hammer.
Well balanced upholsterers hammer . Forged Steel with magnetic split head. 


Magnetic Tack Hammer OSB 236

Quality Osborne Hammer. Light weight smaller headed hammer. Magnetic splt end. Fully polished head. Forged from tool steel, carefully tempered.


Replacement Hammer Handle with Support & Wedge for 222

Replacement handle and wedge for the OSB 222 hammer


Replacement Hammer Handle with Support and Wedge for 1036

Spare hammer handle with support and wedge for Osborne 1036 Magnetic Hammer.


Spare Nylon Tips each for Hammer OSB36

Magnetic Hammer TIPS ONLY - Replacement tips for the Magnetic Hammer OSB036. Nylon tip used specifically for decorative nails. Please note the hammer shown in this photo is not included.