Upholstery Tools & Needles

Over its long history, the craft of upholstering has developed highly specialised techniques, and the tools, materials and hardware they require are similarly specialised. DIYers who try to use tools not designed for the work will soon lose their enthusiasm, whereas working with the right tools and materials is the upholstery craftsman’s joy.
Padgham Upholstery is Melbourne’s premier upholstery supplier, and keeps a comprehensive inventory of tools and equipment for the DIY upholsterer, available online and from our showroom. We stock everything from fabric and leather shears to the many sizes and shapes of needles in use in our craft. We import much of our inventory from acclaimed suppliers in the US, so quality is assured.
Tool Kits
Our class members know that when you’re starting out it helps to have an expert choose your first set of tools. So we’ve created a range of tool kits to make starting easier for DIYers. They contain everything you’re likely to need, in a great value package.

Bent Packing Needle

Bent Packing Needle can be used to sew in springs.  

Standard : Size 4
Also available in :  6 inch (15 cm) and 8 inch (20.5 cm)


  • Standard

Buttoning Needle - Double Round Point

Buttoning Needle with a Double Ended Round Point.

Standard : 10 inch ( 25cm)
Also available in: 12 inch ( 30 cm) , 14 inch (35.5 cm), 16 inch (40.6 cm), 18 inch (45.7cm ) 


  • Standard

Curved Needle K3 Pack

Pack of four needles with round point suitable for fabric. Each card contains 4 round point needles in 3, 4, 5 and 6 inch sizes ( 7.5,10, 12.7 and 15.2 cm)


Curved Needle K4 Pack

Pack of curved needles with bayonet point  suitable for leather, vinyl and fabric.
Each card contains 4 round point needles in 3, 4, 5 and 6 inch sizes ( 7.5,10, 12.7 and 15.2 cm)


Curved Round Point Needle

Curved needle multiple of uses depending on size e.g. sewing backs, repairs or stitched edges.

Standard :  2 inch ( 5cm) ultralight  
Also available in heavier gauge in 3 inch (7.6 cm), 6 inch (15.2 cm) , 8 inch (20 cm) and 10 inch (25.5 cm)


  • Standard

Diagonal Cutting Nippers OSB 91

These hardy drop forged nippers are ideal for cutting hog rings and wire- and almost anything else! Polished head, finest industrial quality. Red plastic handles.


End Cutting Nipper/Pliers OSB 94

An excellent small nipper / pincher made of drop forged steel. Black finish, polished jaws, flush cut. Excellent for removing tacks and staples 16.5 cm long / 6.5 inches long 199 grams or 7 oz weight.


Hog Rings OSB No. 773K25

Sharp for use with leather or vinyl. 7/8 inch.


Hog Rings Pliers Straight 1440AO

Trade quality Osborne Pliers.
Made of forged steel and vinyl handles.
Each plier weighs eight ounces. Works with Osborne HogRings.


Hog Rings: OSB No. SB 773

Hog Rings for use with Hog Ring Pliers into auto upholstery.

Standard : BLUNT 5/8 inch box of 1000
Also available in:  SHARP 7/8 inch box of 1000


  • Standard