General Supplies - Thread & Twines

Buttoning Twine

Waxed 10/3 nylon twine used for buttoning and stitched edges.  
Standard: 10 metre piece 
Also available in: 250 gram roll  (approx 325 mts)


  • Standard

Hank Twine

Used to sew in coil springs . A hank of twine is approx 50 pieces of 2.3 metres length.


Linen Thread White

Coats Barbour 100% linen thread made in the EU White  Approx 175 metres per spool.
Used for slip stitching and hand sewing. (Not suitable for machine sewing).
Standard : Roll of approx 175 metres weighs 50 gram


  • Standard

Linen Thread Black

COATS BARBOUR 100% LINEN THREAD BLACK. 50GM REELS. Used for slip stitching & hand sewing. (not suitable for machine sewing).


Monofilament - Clear

A clear and very strong upholstery weight thread. It has a six pound breaking strain. Comes with its own canister. It holds one and half pound of thread (680 grams).


Polyester Lacing Twine 10 mt piece

Polyester Twine for lacing down springs and sold in a pack of 10 metres.