General Supplies

Whether you are a professional upholsterer or an enthusiastic DIYer, you need a supplier who can be depended upon to meet your every need. Padgham keep an unrivalled range of tools, materials and consumable supplies for the upholsterer that can be ordered online or by phone and delivered anywhere in Australia in a couple of days. Whether you’re restoring modern furniture, or need authentic cane panelling to restore a cherished furniture or antique, you can depend on Padgham Upholstery.
For the Want of a Nail…
According to the proverb, the Kingdom was lost. Not quite as much is at stake in upholstery, but it uses a bewildering variety of nails, many of which are visible in the finished work, and just have to be “right”. We distribute the Heico product range, which includes decorative nails in every period style.
As well as Heico nails we supply buttons, piping, webbing, furniture legs – indeed anything the craft of upholstery demands. All our products are of the highest quality, and we’re always happy to give advice on their use.

Blue Cut Tacks 15 mm

Quality Blue cut 15mm tacks for webbing.
Standard Size: 150 gram SORRY SOLD OUT


Blue Cut Tacks 10mm

Quality Blue cut 10 mm tacks for delicate work
Standard Size: 150 gram SOLD OUT


Blue Cut Tacks 12mm

Quality Blue cut 12mm tacks for general upholstery work.
Standard Size: 150 gram pack


Buttoning Twine

Waxed 10/3 nylon twine used for buttoning and stitched edges.  
Standard: 10 metre piece 


Cable Release

Cable release for recliner chair

Standard: 28 inch - 71cm 


Cane Panel 60cm Wide

High quality furnishing cane sold the metre. For restoring antique furniture. Price quoted is per metre. SORRY SOLD OUT 


Cane Pith 4mm Strip

Cane pith - used to secure cane in channel. Approximately  2 metres long.


Cardboard Back Tacking Strips

1 metre long cardboard back tacking strips used for back tacking borders SORRY SOLD OUT


Coconut Fibre - sold by kilo

Teased Coconut Fibre Sold by the kilogram used as padding in traditional upholstery.


Coil Springs

Coil springs also known as Biconical used in traditional upholstery. First number indicates inches high and second number indicates the gauge of wire. 
Standard: 4 x 10 gauge SOLD OUT
Also available in gauges of  5 x 9, 6 x 9, 7 x 9, 8 x 9,x 9 x 9  and 10x9 ,
Suggested use:  
4 x 10 used for dining chairs
5 x 9  and 5 x 10 used for single bridge chairs or dining chairs
6 x 9 , 7 x 9, and 8 x 9 used for lounge suites and arm chairs


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