What kind of cushion should I choose?

Soft and luxurious

These inserts are loosely packed, relaxed, and soft.

Feather & Down (70% feather 30% down, or 85% feather 15% down) the softest option though has little structure and requires regular plumping

Feather (100% feather) soft and luxurious, requires regular plumping

Feather & Fibre (eg 50% feather 50% fibre) need to plump regularly

Soft and light

Dacron: Soft as a cloud, light, plump, smooth looking. They keep their shape. Unlike cheaper versions, these cushion inserts are densely filled with polyester fill so they will last longer. Recommended for thin, cotton or drapery fabrics as they will look smooth underneath the fabric. Whilst they look the most plump at the beginning they cannot be plumped up so they will need to be replaced after a few years of use.

Not too soft, not too firm

Feather & Foam insert: The most popular option. These are your long-term, durable cushion inserts. They are a fabulous mix of 50% feather for softness and %50 foam for firmness and shape. Their fullness can be restored simply by plumping them up. Recommended especially for medium to thick, upholstery grade fabrics.

Firm box-shaped cushion

Foam insert: This option is only for a bordered cushion. It will provide your furniture with more structure and firmness. For instance, if you want to sit further forward on your couch this will help you. Typically we recommend back foam which has a density of 19 or 24 and a firmness rating of 130.


For a scatter cushion insert: Choose a scatter insert that has the same size as your cushion cover. For example, if your cushion is 45cm x 45cm you would choose an insert that says “45cm x 45cm”. It is helpful to know that the size given on the scatter cushion indicates the size of the finished cushion cover, not the actual size of the scatter. This is because the size of the insert needs to be different depending on the type of fill, eg: a Dacron insert for a 45cm cushion cover will actually be about 5cm larger so that it makes the cushion look plump.

For a foam insert: Your foam needs to be ½ inch larger on every side (or 1 inch wider and 1inch longer). It also needs to be ¼ inch thicker. Eg: if your cushion cover is 20 inch wide, 10 inch long, and 4 inch thick: your foam needs to be 21” wide, 11” long, 3.75” thick.