Trim on an Antique Chair

Decorative nails come in many classic-looking as well as contemporary varieties, and are easier to apply in strips rather than individually. Nail strips are attached using a single nail every 5th spot and are very malleable, thus able to travel smoothly around curves and corners. Singular nails can be attached using a Quicknailer; a handy little device that lines up the nails evenly.

Braid is an easy option as it is attached using a hot glue gun. A small amount of hot glue is placed along the channel on the chair, and braid is pressed gently into it. To begin or finish your braid simply fold and glue about 1cm of the end of the braid under itself, and then glue it to the chair. Braid needs to be carefully matched to the fabric, and generally it is better to go slightly darker with the braid than lighter.

Double piping is generally made by professional upholsterers who have access to an industrial sewing machine and a piping foot, however it is possible to attempt it on a domestic machine with the right equipment. You may want to consult youtube before attempting. One side of the fabric is sewn over the piping cord, then the other is sewn over the second length of cord as close as possible to the first. Fabric is trimmed off neatly in the centre, then piping is turned over and hot-glued around the chair.