Tools of the Trade

If you don’t use tools that have been designed specifically for upholstery projects, you’ll quickly find that your patience will wear thin, and the final product won’t have the same professional looking finish. To give you an idea of the types of tools you should invest in before commencing your DIY project, we’ve put together a list of some of the essentials!

Magnetic Tack Hammers : Many new DIY upholsters make the mistake of thinking any old hammer will do, however unless you have three hands you will need a magnetic hammer.

These lightweight, smaller headed hammers have a split, magnetic end and polished head. It has been carefully tempered from tool steel and is commonly used for securing fabric to furniture frames using tacks or small nails. We have a variety of styles and they are a very worthwhile investment.

Needles : A must-have for every DIY upholsterer, here’s a run down of some of the most important types of upholstery needles.

Bent Packing Needle: A Bent Packing Needle is used to sew in springs.

Buttoning Needle: This needle, as the name suggests, is used for sewing on buttons and can also be used for stitched edges and deep bridles.

Curved Needle: Curved needles have a round point that is suitable for fabric, or a bayonet point that is more suitable for leather and vinyl projects. You can buy them individually or in convenient packs of four. This type of needle has multiple uses, including sewing backs, different types of upholstery repairs, and for stitched edges.

Webbing Stretcher : Vital to be used to jute webbing in traditional upholstery which allows you to tension the webbing for maximum support. There are avariety of different styles available.

Tack or Staple Removers: Very specialised tools designed to get under the tack or staple head and assist with removing those stubborn staple and tacks. They make it so much easier you will wonder why you persevered with that old screwdriver.

End Cutting Nipper/Pliers: Made from drop forged steel, these are an excellent small nipper/pincher. They’re excellent for removing broken tack shafts and staple ends and are available in a variety of sizes.

Magnetic Decorative Nail Hammer: This magnetic hammer has a large face that is fitted with a nylon tip. It has been designed to prevent any damage to our fabulous decorative nails.

Upholstery Kit – Premium or Standard : If you’re just starting out, all of these products might be enough to take in, which is why purchasing a pre-packed upholstery kit will be a smart move. Containing all of the essentials, including an instructional book for beginners, a selection of needles, hammers, and even a tack or staple remover, or both, our kits have everything you need to get started.

Staple Gun : An upgrade from the magnetic hammer is an air driven staple gun particularly if you are upholstering furniture made from hardwood. Our upholstery specific staple gun must used with an air compressor and is ideal for upholstery and has a multitude of other uses including picture frames, canvases and a range of other items!

Rip Chisel: Used for removing upholstery from furniture, our rip chisels have forged steel blades, shouldered tangs, and tough construction.

There are a lot of useful tools out there, as well as needles, pliers, and hammers, these are some other must-have upholstery tools. If you’re unsure about what tools you will need for your specific project, talk to the team at Padgham Upholstery, we’re more than happy to help!