Tips for Your First Upholstery Project

You will convince yourself that you can do this project, of course you can... and you may even start collecting a few pieces and before you know it your garage is overflowing you have no idea what your doing and you feel deflated.

Before you go down that road here are some tips and thoughts on choosing your first upholstery project.

What to look for:-

Bridge Chairs, Dining Room Chairs and footstools are a great place to start. They are easily lifted on to a table so they are sitting at the right work height for your back. They are simple and because of this you will feel a sense of achievement when you complete your project.

Whatever you choose remember to check the frame - it may need some work. No point recovering a chair if the frame is falling apart. Generally frames can be strengthened by squeezing a dollop of PVA glue into the joints and clamping them together for 24 hours.

Consider the condition of the wooden frame. One of the big appeals of recovering old furniture is that the frames are generally made from hard wood and they are diamonds in the rough just waiting to be bought back to life. Make sure there are no borer in your frame or rotten wood.
Is there anything you can salvage? One of the biggest mistakes we see in our classes is over enthusiastic stripping. You can reuse coconut fibre (even if it's a bit dusty), flock and you definitely should keep a stitched edge. 

Have fun and if you get stuck we have classes, books and DVDs that can help.