Tips for Fitting and Styling Cushions To Your Sofa

Getting the perfect fit when fixing cushions is so important. The easiest way to get a perfect fit is to start with a template for a piece that may have angles and curves or the exact measurements for a piece that is square or rectangle. It may sound elementary, but many times a customer will come in with just the foam and want to make a cushion without measurements or a template. You simply cannot get the correct fit that way.
One method used when cutting cushions for an upholstered piece is to remove the top of an existing cushion that fits properly and steam it back to it’s original shape for a template. This works mostly for back cushions. Generally it is best to start off with a new template for seat cushions.
The perfect cushion starts with the perfect cut. The perfect cut starts with a perfect template or measurements.
But, that’s only part of the whole lounge ensemble…
When it comes to your lounge room, your sofa is the star of the show. From leather and leather-look to linen and other fabrics, the upholstery of your sofa will have an impact on the look and feel of your space.

It can also influence how your sofa should be styled, as different lounge cushions and home wares complement different upholstery types.
Whether you’re on the hunt for a new sofa or you’re not sure how to enhance your current one with the right accessories, we can help you choose the perfect upholstery for your needs and create the look you love! These are our top tips for decorating leather, leather-look, and fabric lounges:
Sleek and low-maintenance, leather sofas are great for homes with children who may be prone to spilling things- While they’re super easy to wipe clean, they can also get sticky in summer, and cold in winter. This makes a stylish throw the perfect addition, adding comfort and flair to any leather couch.

Another easy way to add interest to a leather or leather-look sofa is with textured throw cushions. Leather-look couches give you the look of leather without the price tag. These are a great option for those who may not wish to use authentic leather, and with each manufacturing advance, their lifespan gets closer to real leather sofas too.

Be sure to give your throw cushions a spray with a fabric protector when you spray your couch – this should be done every change of season to keep your fabric items protected from spills and stains.

And of course, no matter the upholstery of your sofa, you can’t go past a large rug to anchor the space, and a convenient side table for resting your favourite mug or glass.

Soft furnishings and home wares are a simple way to dress up your lounge, whether it’s leather, leather-look, or fabric.