Time to Update the Upholstery on Your Bedhead?

Well, luckily for you, your upholstered bed head doesn’t have to be a long-term commitment, with a little creativity and the right upholstery supplies, you can completely transform the appearance of your bedhead.

How can this be achieved? It’s really quite simple, the below designs are just a handful of the ways you can change the style of your bedhead.

A Simple Two-Panel Upholstered Hanging Headboard

If you can sew in a straight line and use a staple gun, a basic, easily updated headboard is perfect for contemporary spaces, but depending on the fabric you choose and your desired colour palette, you can easily make it blend in seamlessly with any décor. You can also play around with different textures and patterns to help create your desired aesthetic.

All you need to do is purchase a basic hanging headboard, ideally in a plain colour, and drape your chosen fabric over it and secure it in place with your staple gun. Once you’ve had enough of it, simply remove the staples and replace the fabric with your next chosen design.

If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you could even make the actual bedhead yourself. To do this, you will need cut-to-size timber, upholstery foam, wood adhesive, screws and a measuring tape.

A Complete Bedhead Re-Design
If you want to completely transform your existing bedhead, there are two simple approaches you can take.

One is to make a slipcover to go over the top of your current bedhead. This is a less permanent solution and will give the illusion of a new headboard, but if you get sick of looking at your new one, you can easily revert back to the original design.

The second option is to completely remove the fabric from your existing headboard, and start from scratch. You can use the old fabric as a guide for how much fabric you will need to re-cover it. Also make sure you’ve allowed for approximately six inches of overlap, ensuring the fabric is able to cover the edges of the bedhead, as well as part of the back. If you need to update, or add foam to your wooden headboard, foam can be attached to the wood with a spray adhesive and then cover it with batting (this can be attached with staples). Then, all you need to do is hold the new fabric over the headboard and staple it into place.

With either of these options, feel free to get as creative as you like. For a little extra flair, why not add some embellishments? For instance, nail-head trim around the edge of the headboard will add elegance to a classic or simple design, while decorative indentations like tufts can be added with buttons covered in the same fabric as your headboard for a more contemporary look.

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