Penny's Poem

Keen to upholster everything in sight
I called up Padgham and they said alright!
Well send you some trim and some of those pesky decorative nails
Just as long as you give me your credit card details.

So quick as Adrian's snip snippity snips
And almost as fast as my order left my lips
My surprise parcel was bundled up tight
To be shipped to Seymour
In the dead of night.

Olivia at Aus post has me on speed dial
And after a quick "sign here " and a greedy little smile
I'm off with those Padgham goodies through paddocks and
Busting to get into the stitched edge I've saving for afters.

Afters? Whatever does she mean !
" After I figure it out" of course .. and remember what I've seen
Adrian do again and again .

Stick the needle in the bottom and pull it out the top
And just like this, double the twine round the needle
Pull it out
and you can sit on top.

The fingers have taken a beating
But there's no keeping an upholstery junkie away
From the little treasure that's just peaking out of the doorway
among the never ending parade of chairs
Old and forgotten, like nobody cares.

But we care ! Adrian , Diane and Jan
And Lisa, we try as hard as we can
To strip and stuff and string new springs
Giving the old girl a new look and a fresh zing.

So thank you team for being such troopers
And efficient and patient
And forgiving our bloopers
We love your work and hope you'll let us back
Don't worry some day we're bound to get the knack