Need a Staple Remover ?

When I first discovered upholstery I sought every alternative – a flathead screwdriver…pliers of many different shapes and sizes…a tack remover. I even tried to whittle down a screwdriver!

Nothing worked well at all. I just ended up with a very, very sore wrist.

Then I got my first staple remover – a yellow handled Osborne 120.5 – one mean little two-pronged fellow manufactured in the USA from drop forged steel. Serious stuff.

It was totally amazing! You can’t beat it.

How do you use it? Wedge one prong underneath the staple and wiggle one end of the staple up, then wiggle or roll out the other end. Or you can tap the end of the staple remover with the SIDE of the hammer and let the force of the hammer do the work for you. Old staples that have weakened with age may break off in the wood; just gently roll them out with pliers. Much better on the wrist.

Ellen, Padgham Upholstery & Supplies