Cushions: More Than One Choice

For a long-lasting, more comfortable option, Padgham Upholstery can supply a range of customised inserts, from foam to feathers, to ensure you’re relaxing with the best quality pillows and cushions available.

Foam Cushions - lounge suites 

Made from polyurethane foam, foam cushions are a popular option among homeowners. They’re available in a few different densities. Essentially, the denser the cushion is, the longer it will last. However, keep in mind that while high-density foam will last much longer, it may also be less comfortable. For a softer cushion, lower density foam may be more suitable. It is interesting to note that all foam looses one third of it density in the first year so it is better to start with cushions that are slightly firmer initially.

Feather and Foam Mix - lounge suites and or scatter cushions

The feather and foam mix inserts we supply at Padgham Upholstery are made from premium duck feathers.

Our feather mix cushions are made from a combination of high-quality fibre, foam, duck down (the feathers from the belly of the bird), and a premium mix of feathers. We also supply cushion inserts that are comprised of a mix of 100% feathers.

Regardless of which type of insert you choose, you can rest assured both feather and feather mix cushions offer superior support and comfort.

Polyester Fibre - lounge backs and or scatter cushions

This type of cushion insert is super soft and supportive. They’re made from polyester fibre that optimises the lifespan of your cushion, ensuring it stays plump and comfortable for longer. They’re also often referred to as the middle ground between foam and feathers, as they’re more supple than foam, but more affordable than feathersThe main benefits of this type of cushion is that they’re non-allergenic, easy to wash, and odour-free.

Whether you’re after foam, feather or polyester fibre, Padgham Upholstery has a broad selection of cushion inserts to choose from. Our knowledgeable team will also be able to guide you through each option, to make sure you walk away with an insert that will last a lot longer than a generic store brought option, and will be soft and supportive.