Cane Panel Replacement

This handy step by step guide will help you install new cane paneling into your chair making it much stronger than before and looking as good as new.

Before applying cane make sure your furniture is solid, because when the cane dries it applies tension to the frame and has been known to pull unsturdy frames apart.

Cane paneling is usually found in 45cm and 60cm widths. Pith can be purchased separately and is usually up to 2m long.

Soak cane & pith in bathtub overnight or at least 4-5 hours.

Remove old rattan from seat with router, electric drill or chisel. Lightly sand edges of groove to remove any sharp edges.

Apply rattan to the seat shiny side facing upwards.

Make sure to keep the rattan straight it may be worth marking the centre front & centre back of the chair as well the the centre front & centre back of the rattan & match them up.

Push the rattan into the groove of the chair with a thin blunt instrument (even a 1/2 wooden peg) If you use something sharp it may cut the rattan. Make sure you push the rattan right down the bottom of the groove.

Carefully cut the rattan with a new bladed stanley knife a couple of mm below the top of the outside edge of the groove. It may be worth putting a block of wood on top of the rattan where it curves over the outside edge of groove, so if you slip the knife will plunge into the wood & not your hand.

Squeeze some PVA glue into the groove covering the bottom of the groove completely & let it sit for 5 mins before pushing the pith into the groove tapping it in with a (clean) mallet or hammer. Cut the end of the pith with a sharp stanley knife, you can cut to a mitre if you like.

Wipe any excess glue away with a damp cloth.

Let chair air dry without any help from heaters or sun.

Don't stain, varnish or paint for at least 24 hours.