Benefits of Outdoor Fabric

The truth is – most fabrics are not cut-out for this sort of outdoor application with direct exposure to the elements such as sunlight and/or moisture. Specialised ‘outdoor fabrics’ or ‘performance fabrics’ should always be used in these scenarios, but are often overlooked due to unfamiliarity or misconception.

At Padgham Upholstery, we’ve put together these few points to help inform those looking for fabrics on the benefits of outdoor options.

Advantages of using Outdoor Fabric…

Outdoor Fabrics are treated and coloured in a way that endures the elements, making them:

- UV Resistant

- Mould Resistant, and

- Water Resistant

These are important benefits for long-lasting results, as fabrics designed for indoor use will fade or fall victim to damaging mildew when exposed to direct sunlight or moisture in an outdoor environment.

Common Misconceptions…

Are Outdoor Fabrics more expensive?

Outdoor Fabrics are just like indoor fabrics in the sense that there is a huge variety available at different price ranges, guaranteeing you can find something within your budget. But are Outdoor Fabrics on average more expensive than regular/indoor fabrics…? The answer is no!

Are Outdoor Fabrics less versatile in design?

There seems to be a common misconception that Outdoor Fabrics simply cant be of the same quality in design if they’re made to be hardy… but this is also not the case. Outdoor Fabric ranges are just as versatile in colour, pattern and design quality as indoor fabrics… in fact, they are often recommended for indoor use also, especially for application where large windows emitting direct sunlight are present.

At Padgham Upholstery, we make choosing fabrics with the ability to withstand wear and tear easy with selections from some of the world’s biggest names in upholstery. Outdoor Fabric ranges such as Warwick’s Coolum Outdoor offer the best in style and durability, making outdoor fabrics a valuable investment!

For more information or enquiries about outdoor fabrics and our range at Padgham Upholstery, contact us today!