Amazing End Cutting Nippers - a must have!

They are particularly handy for removing those nasty little bits of staples that have broken off.

They are incredibly versatile - not only can you remove staples and tacks/nails, you can strip fabric and yank out whole areas of upholstery and staples/nails much more quickly. You can also cut staples and wire.

The quality of these end cutting nippers is super awesome – they are manufactured in the USA by C.S. Osborne from drop forged steel. They have a superior black finish, polished jaws and are flush cut.

They are very manageable for small hands, and are not too heavy. They really make upholstery a lot easier and reduce the strain on wrists and hands significantly.

How do you use them?

Check out the photos further down the page to see how my fingers are positioned – I find it best if you place your index and middle fingers between the handles.

To remove staples – gently grab the staple and roll the nippers towards you.

Or put another way, do not pull upwards, rather, use a rolling motion towards yourself and hold the handles gently so you don’t cut into the object.

To strip upholstery grab a chunk of fabric with the nippers, and use a combination of rolling and pulling.

To cut – grab the staple and close nippers firmly to cut.


Ellen,  Padgham Upholstery and Supplies